Postureminder's award-winning software is based on a simple idea: we all know, or can quickly be taught, how we should sit when using a computer.

But when you're concentrating on the computer your posture isn't at the forefront of your mind. The inevitable happens - you start leaning forwards, or slouching, or sitting for too long without taking a break.

Improving your posture and computer habits is difficult but vital to reduce your risk of developing back pain, neck pain, RSI, eye fatigue and headaches.

These painful conditions can strike at any age, but are more common as you get older and the cumulative effect of years of poor posture and sedentary working catch up with you. The sooner you improve your posture and working habits, the better for the future of your spine and health.

Such musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) can make life miserable and affect your productivity. In extreme cases they can become so serious that they limit your ability to work.

For employers, sickness absence is just the tip of the iceberg - for every employee who takes sick leave with back pain, studies suggest up to 17 suffer in silence - but that doesn't mean they are working effectively through their pain!


Postureminder's intelligent posture reminders

Postureminder is the world's first intelligent posture reminder software. Since 2005 we've been helping computer users to improve their posture and adopt healthier working habits on a daily basis.

Our key innovation is to use a webcam to continually check your posture and provide a friendly reminder whenever you sit badly for an extended period.

The webcam is placed in the usual position at the top of your screen (or Postureminder uses a built-in webcam if your laptop or monitor has one). From there, it is used to estimate your posture every few seconds and detect whenever you sit in a damaging posture or remain static for a long period.

No images are stored or sent anywhere - the software simply analyses each image to estimate your posture then instantly deletes it.

Over time you'll find you get fewer reminders as your posture habits improve. How quickly reminders appear is up to you - if you're currently suffering back pain you can set them to appear quickly, but if you're using Postureminder to avoid problems in the future you can reduce how fast you get reminded.

You can still benefit from Postureminder's other features without a webcam. However, to receive targeted posture reminders when you sit badly, you'll need one. Webcams retail from as little as £10, and are built into many modern laptops.


Your complete toolkit for good posture and healthy working

Postureminder provides a complete toolkit for healthier computer use:

  • Break reminders. Taking regular short breaks has been proven to reduce fatigue and improve productivity

  • Micro-break reminders. Taking a moment to relax your eyes and body, and think about your posture, reduces eye fatigue and improves concentration

  • Hydration diary. Keep track of what you drink during the working day and get advice to help you stay hydrated and on top of your game

  • Stretch exercises. Follow simple video stretch exercises during breaks if you want to actively relieve muscle tension and fatigue

  • Ergonomic training. Built-in display screen equipment (DSE) training and self-assessment suitable for SMEs to meet their responsibilities under the UK Display Screen Equipment Regulations, or for home users to set up their workstation. For larger organisations we can supply a cost-effective online DSE training and assessment solution


All of these tools are flexible - they can be turned on or off as needed and settings changed to meet individual users' needs and working style. If your needs change for any reason, simply adjust your settings in moments. If more than one person uses the computer, Postureminder keeps individual settings in each Windows login profile so all users can benefit from Postureminder.