Don't let your day job ruin your days!

You only have one body.  If you use a computer at home or work, protect your health through better posture and healthier working patterns

Good posture helps you to look and feel better and more confident, and reduces your risk of developing painful conditions such as back pain, neck pain and other musculoskeletal disorders

Postureminder is friendly, award-winning software that helps you to improve your posture and working patterns every day.  It automatically checks how you're sitting and provides a friendly reminder whenever you sit badly for an extended time, helping you to break bad posture habits and protect your spine

What our users say

"I am impressed both as an employee and a manager with Postureminder. It helped me personally to adopt and sustain good habits when keyboarding. As a manager, the fact that employees receive integrated ergonomic training and self-assessment report as part of the software package means it is great value too!"

Helen Killeen

Business Manager, Glaitness School, Orkney


How Postureminder works:

Postureminder is easy-to-use software for Windows PCs and laptops, designed to help you to improve your posture, protect your spine and adopt healthier computer habits every day. 


Our state-of-the-art posture reminder feature uses your webcam to actively detect whenever you've been sitting in a damaging posture for a few minutes, and gives a friendly on-screen reminder to help you achieve better working posture. 


No images from your camera are stored or sent anywhere - each camera frame is instantly analysed by the software then deleted from your computer memory.


Here's how it works:

  1. Use Postureminder's built-in training materials to learn about good posture (if you don't already know)

  2. Sit in a good posture at your computer and tell Postureminder to take a picture using your webcam

  3. Postureminder uses your webcam to continually check how you're sitting compared to the reference picture

  4. Postureminder will automatically remind you to change your position if you sit in a damaging posture for an extended period of time

  5. Movement is also vital so you'll also get reminders if you sit too rigidly in a good posture for long periods


Postureminder also includes:

  1. Reminders to take regular short breaks from your computer

  2. Micro-break reminders to reduce eye fatigue by looking away from your screen from time to time

  3. A hydration diary to help keep track of how much water, tea and coffee and soda you're consuming

  4. Video-guided stretch exercises to relieve muscle tension

  5. Complete ergonomic training materials

All of these features can be easily configured to what works best for you, whether you're using Postureminder for prevention, aiming to improve your posture to look and feel better and more confident, or to aid your recovery from existing computer-related health problems


Postureminder was invented by computer scientist and Oxford University graduate Dr Philip Worthington

Having worked on computers for many years at work and home, Phil's personal experience of low back pain led him to create Postureminder as a friendly, non-intrusive, low-cost way to help computer users improve their posture

Phil says: "I wanted to make it easy for computer users like myself to improve their posture and protect their health without having to wear uncomfortable braces or irritating gadgets.  We all know, or can quickly learn, about good posture, but actually changing sitting posture habits that have often developed over years is more challenging.  With Postureminder I've created a simple solution for every PC user who cares about improving their posture or suffers back or neck pain"


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